emo Yuliya Tsukerman

Hi, I'm Yuliya. I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and puppetmaker born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In my work, familiar details take on new meaning through their permutations and juxtapositions. I'm interested in negotiating the alienness born from drawing otherwise recognizable fragments of everyday life into a controlled state of confusion, believing that only when we experience the ordinary as alien can we truly step outside the bounds of our worldview and expand our powers of empathy.

I like to develop text alongside the audiovisual language of a given piece, creating a new world, and a new approach to my process with each project I take on. My artistic sensibility is all about embracing chaos, complexity, and paradox, and about finding new ways of looking at the values, structures, and relationships we take for granted.

My work has been performed at St. Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY), The Brick (Brooklyn, NY), Nouveau 47 (Dallas, TX), and the Actors Studio Drama School (New York, NY), and I've been awarded residencies in performance, playwriting, and the visual arts at St. Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY), the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Workspace program (New York, NY), and Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, New Jersey). I've been featured on CNN and MSN, and online at places like Slate, Gizmodo, and the A.V. Club.

I'm also one of only a handful of American artists bringing the 19th century art of scrimshaw into the modern age. You can find my collection of hand-etched scrimshaw ostrich eggs and knives here

- Yuliya Tsukerman, 2016

Drop me a line at tsukerman dot yuliya at gmail dot com, or follow me on Instagram @yeahliya.