PSYCH-O-LANTERN is a recreation of the shower scene from Hitchock's Psycho made completely out of carved pumpkins in October of 2014. The project was featured on CNN, MSN, and news stations all over the world (including my home borough)!

It was covered by SlateVocativ, Gizmodo, the Mail Online, The A.V. Club, MSN News, The Awesomer, Heavy, geektyrant, io9, MoviePilot, Design Taxi, Feel Desain, Digg, guff, Delish, College Humor, First We Feast, and wonderful blogs across the internet. 



Below you'll find the full video, a gallery of stills, and photos from the process. For more, you can find me on Instagram (and Tumblr and Twitter!).  


The process! 

The pumpkins were carved over a two-week period in October of 2014. I squeezed three 16x9cm frames onto each pumpkin, which I documented immediately after completion with my Canon something-or-other. For better or worse, no fancy photo editing or equipment was used to make the film!

My carving process began by tracing the basic lines of each image with a knife, then freehanding the gradients of light and dark and fine-tuning the image with the light source inside. I used a combination of linoleum cutting tools, woodcutting tools, and hobby knives with replaceable blades. Since each frame took anywhere from two to six hours to complete, I had plenty of time to catch up on B horror movies. (Witchboard, people!) 

If you have any questions about tools and techniques, or about the project in general, drop me a line at I'd love to hear from you!

Note the pumpkinshrapnel-covered candy wrappers in the images below. 

And here's the video!

Psycho: Pumpkin Stop Motion of the Shower Scene

Check out a side-by-side photo comparison with the original, or play the two films together. You can even compare it to Gus Van Sant's Psycho!

Psych-o-Lantern Gallery

The Hall of Pumpkins! That's me offering Mr. Hitchcock a pumpkin in the end titles.

Psych-o-Lantern by Yuliya Tsukerman (Leviathan Bell Scrimshaw)